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Let me introduce myself.

Updated: Aug 19, 2020


Hi, My name is Roberto Hernandez. I am the founder and CEO of The Marketing Crew. I have to say that when I decided to begin educating myself about how digital marketing works, I was overwhelmed with all of the information that I gathered.

I had to remember that note-taking and prioritizing were going to be huge, and needed to stay focused. Everything in life, is in fact, like a puzzle. It would be best if you started somewhere, and that somewhere is making sure that I had all of the information needed to start putting the pieces together. I also didn't realize how much marketing we already do throughout our social media platforms.

So, I said to myself, "if I already kind of do this, then why not prepare for it and make a profit from it?"

When I began taking notes on everything that I needed to know, I also saw the potential to help businesses truly. I could affordably help them to get them what they need and tailored every single package for them based on what they truly need.

In 2018, my best friend, Zacarias, and I talked about a few freelance projects that we were working on together, developing websites and mobile apps. Zacarias at that time was a full-stack Front End Web Developer, and I was finishing my certification for Web Design, and I had already mastered HTML and CSS. Zacarias, right now, is a Senior Interactive Developer/Designer for NBC Universal Media LLC.

We both have worked so hard, and we are so proud to say that we are now seeing that all of the struggles that we have gone through it was well worth it. I want to encourage anyone that has a dream to pursue it. Yes! It took some time for us to get fully prepared and get all of the information we needed for whatever we were doing now.

At The Marketing Crew, we will be more than happy to help you as an individual with no prior experience, group, company, or franchise, to contact us. We will help you with developing and mapping your future dreams. Connect you with fellow groups to share and exchanges interests and ideas. Develop a strategy to help your company succeed and grow and better allocate your money to where your franchise needs it the most.

Here is my little success story, and I hope that you are being inspired to pursue your dreams and know that if you need help or guidance, we will be here to assist you. I will take the liberty to say...

...Welcome to


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