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Media Strategy

Every brand and business needs a custom social media strategy based on their current social media standing, goals, and resources available to them.

And while everything in social media tends to hinge on a bunch of independent factors, there are some universal, core building blocks which you need to have in place to ensure that your business gets the most out of its social media initiatives.

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Social Marketing

Social media marketing is the process of working on marketing through, you guessed it, social media.

With social platforms like FacebookTwitter and

 Instagram (to name a few) ever growing, businesses online need to invest in social media marketing in order to grow their following and reach a whole new pool of potential customers.

Dependent on your business type, there’s a social network out there for you. All businesses would do well to be on Facebook, but if you specialize in B2B, LinkedIn is the one for you. If you’re a ‘visual business’, then Instagram is the ideal. We could go on and on, but you get the point. You should be on social media if you aren’t, but how do you market on social media?

We can show you how is done. Just book a free consultation and we'll tailor a package that works for your business. 


At a time when content marketing is trending online, it is good to know that there are many proven ways to improve your website’s digital marketing efforts.


In fact, the focus for content marketing is to boost any web page with targeted audience articles, photos and other data in order to drive new hits and business.


This form of marketing is backed by professional information technology (IT) professionals because it puts more focus on creating and distributing content that is designed for attracting customers who have been “targeted” based on interest in a product or service.


Digital Marketing

When we say Digital Marketing, we have to say that there's a lot of different types of them and we really mean a lot. In fact we believe that there are 11 categories in which your business will do better than others. Below you can see the ones we are referring to. 

Let us identify which one is best for your business and see it grow.

UX/Interactive Design

User experience (UX) refers to the satisfaction that a user derives from their interaction with a product.

If an application or website is not user-friendly, the user easily gets frustrated and moves on to other sites that are less difficult to use.

UX design takes into account the aspect of human-computer interaction and the various angles through which users perceive products; utilizing those to improve accessibility and usability.

A satisfied user is more likely to share their experience with friends, which would be a plus for a website.

Therefore, the UX design components help in boosting the experience of site visitors. 

Branding & Identity

So far we've learnt that brand is a relationship and brand identity is the design. Brand is intangible and brand identity is tangible. We know that you don't design a brand, but you build a brand instead. And we've learnt that what you design is brand identity.

What we discussed so far comes together as the process of branding. Branding is a process. It is a disciplined  process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product, company or service in the consumers’ mind.

Branding can be a genuine game-changer.

The discipline has come a long, long way, form starting out as the stamping of marks of ownership on the backsides of cattle...Through the manufacture of identities for products competing on supermarket shelves...

To the creation of complex marketing and communications glue for countless global organizations.